Once again, Minnesota, you’d love poutine. Also, internet’s being installed Thursday. More frequent updates will follow.

On Friday, people were trying to tell me that I’ll be so surprised by how cold and snowy Montreal winters can be. Heh. I’m from NW Minnesota…


I have a lot of pictures and things to say but I don’t have internet (or furniture) at my apartment right now. I will on Wednesday (at least the furniture).

Regular updates will resume late next week.

My apologies.

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Momma Stallock ordered me to play this and put my right hand on my left shoulder and left hand on my right shoulder and squeeze.

I did.

Edit: Okay so hit the download button if you want to listen. It’ll take you to the grooveshark site.

Apartment pictures

Snapped a dozen or so (too many?) pics of the apartment last night. I’ll probably upload them sometime today if the work wi-fi gets along with my laptop. If not, I shall find someplace tonight that does.

Anyway, here’s today’s listening:


Oh, and my apologies for the slow updates these last few days. I blame my rad new job…yo.

Just in case I don’t update until this time tomorrow, chew on this:

Lotta pictures just went up. Once again, I apologize for the double posting issue.